“My Place In Nature”

My Place In Nature

To live in nature.  The better I know myself, the more I discover how nature is an integral part of my life.

Everything I’ve read about the symbolism of moths there is death and bringing spiritual light to the darker side of ourselves.    And with that, the transformation from one stage of life to another.

We all live in both worlds, the human-made and the natural, to differing degrees.

For me, nature has become an essential part of my life.  From living on our farm and caring for the animals to embodying the marsh and woods that surround us. But it’s also understanding the insects and bacteria that occupy the same space in our house and allowing them to.

As I leave behind the ideas and beliefs I was raised with and become more of who I really am, I recognize my home in nature. I am filled and fulfilled being the caretaker of the 17 acres of land, water, plants, and animals where I now live.

I’ve never felt as attached and responsible for a piece of land and it’s inhabitants as I do now.

Although I’ve never had children or the desire to, I am seeing this nurturing, maternal instinct rising in me.  I have no need to take over the land, to control it.  But I am feeling a new or renewed urge to protect it.

As I grow into myself  I become more aware of the importance of the natural world’s place in my life.  Or more accurately, my place in it.

My quilt is called My Place In Nature and it is sold.

Detail of My Place In Nature


10 thoughts on ““My Place In Nature”

  1. ‘As I grow into myself’….. I loved seeing you write that. In my own spiritual path, I have described it as a ‘return to Kim’ – A becoming or return to who God intended me to be. And nature to me is the purest manifestation of God, Higher Power, Divine Intellect or whatever name resonates.

    Just as nature always changes, so do we. Marianne Williamson often talks about an acorn doesn’t need to will itself into a tree or a seed focus on becoming a flower. It is just it’s natural process. I think it is Buddha that said our pain doesn’t come from change but our resistance to change. That is the lesson of nature. To surrender to it vs fight against it.

    Keep growing Maria…. I see your fertile soil is your artwork.

  2. Maria, that is real growth and reason to be pleased. You are right in identifying your nurturing instinct as maternal, with desire to take care of and protect the land. Not to take over and control, but to nurture and protect to allow fulfilment. A wonderful piece and thank you for this. Veronica

  3. Your quilt is beautiful! My son requested a quilt for Christmas so that will be my next sewing adventure. I found a stack of squares, batiks and music that I will play with. Happy sewing Maria, your creativity is refreshing and contagious!

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