My Wool Is Ready

Deb from the Vermont Fiber Mill emailed me yesterday to let me know my wool is all done. I’m hoping to pick it up this weekend.  I’ll let you know for sure when I know.

As you can see from this photo that I took this morning, the sheep are already growing back their wool.  It’s the constant cycle.

5 thoughts on “My Wool Is Ready

  1. What a beautiful photograph of a magnificent pastoral scene.
    The colors almost pop off of the page. It looks alive.
    How fortunate you are to be part of this world and this beautiful peaceable kingdom!

  2. I can’t wait to see your wool. I’m hoping to buy a sampler bundle, last season they were gone in the blink of an eye. My granddaughter wants some slouch hats for Christmas and I think your wool would be fabulous for this project!

    1. I’ll be picking it up next week Josie. I think, my sampler is already spoken for, I’ll have to check my notes to be sure. But I do believe your already on my list to contact first thing. I love thinking of the wool making a slouch hat for your granddaughter.

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