Pumpkin and Liam, Gentle Wethers

Pumpkin and Liam

I reach into the barn for the shovel and rake, one leg on either side of Liam who is laying in the doorway.

The third or fourth time I do this, I realize it might not be a good idea.

If Liam got up he’d no doubt, unintentionally knock me down.   But that’s how comfortable I am around Liam and he is around me. I basically step over him, pull a shovel and rake out of the barn and over his head and he doesn’t move.

Liam has always had attitude.

As a lamb, I worried about the kind of sheep he would grow up to be. I’d heard horror stories about, even castrated male sheep, butting people.

Liam was always getting into trouble, even if it wasn’t his fault like when our donkey, Simon, broke his ribs. I always imagined that if he was human he would have played high school football.

Pumpkin was the opposite of Liam.  Born smaller he had A difficult birth.  He was always skittish and always gentle. Although I was eager to have Liam castrated (the sooner the better I said to Jon) I never imagined that Pumpkin would be any trouble.

Now, even though Pumpkin still isn’t as friendly as Liam, they are both grounded and sweet wethers.  Their father, Ted, a white Cheviot ram, was gentle and as handsome as both Liam and Pumpkin turned out to be.

Liam does seem to reign over the flock now that Zelda is gone.  But he’s not the troublesome lamb that he used to be.  I often see him and Pumpkin grazing together.  And although they used to butt heads like the twins, Asher and Issachar do, I haven’t seen them do that in a long time.

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