Walking In The Woods Together

A few weeks ago I wrote how Jon wasn’t able to take walks in the woods anymore.

Now, a week after his heart surgery, we took our second walk together in the woods.

Slowly, arm in arm, stopping to take a few pictures, but mostly, just walking.  We watched the dogs chase after deer and then come running back to us.  They never go far.   We talked little, enjoying the company of trees, the pine needles, ferns, leaves, and other vegetation beneath our feet.  The air was cool the insects spare and the smell deep and rich.

It may seem like a little thing, to walk in the woods together, but I thought it would never happen again.

Now I know Jon and I will have many more walks in the woods, but still,  I don’t think I’m going to forget this one.

7 thoughts on “Walking In The Woods Together

  1. I love this picture – it warms my heart as does the story. Thank you for sharing. Barbara is right about the little things meaning so much these days.

  2. Never could get enough of the woods to hang out in or play in as a kid. Also enjoyed working with wood as a carpenters mate in my 30s.
    Years after my childhood, I discovered my name, Keith, was from an old Scottish surname associated with “wood” and “forest”. Not sure if my parents knew that and it surely gave me food for thought.
    I really enjoy seeing the woods near Bedlam Farm. Thanks for all the great pics.

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