I’m Not A Ghost And I Belong To Me Postcards For Sale

My I Am Postcards.  Three different 4×6″ postcards, a pack of six cards total for $12 including shipping.  For sale in my Etsy Shop.

I’m thinking of these as my  I Am postcards.  They are all about an affirmation of the self.

That’s why I thought I’d sell them all together.  They make a good pack of cards.  Cards that when they go through the mail are seen by everyone who handles them as well as the person who sent them and the person receiving them.

It’s another way of getting a good message out into the world.  And I bet the postal worker could use a good message these days.

The images on the postcards come from my fabric paintings and collage.  The words are the titles so if you search for them on the blog, you’ll get to read all about the images, where the idea for them came from and how I made them.

I’m selling my postcards in packs of 6.  They’re 4″x6″ and are $12 and shipping is free.  You can buy them here in my Etsy Shop. 

Or you can email me at maria@fullmoonfiberart and let me know what you’d like.  I take checks and paypal. 

I’m selling them as a pack of these three different cards (2 of each card) or if you want six of one card you can also buy them that way.

I’m Not A Ghost pack of six postcards for $12 including shipping. 
I Belong to Me Pack of six postcards, $12 including shipping. 
I Am Enough pack of 6 postcards for $12 including shipping.


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