Sunflower Snack For Fanny and Lulu

The sunflowers have been in a vase on the dining room table for a week.  They’ve been dropping their yellow pollen all over the table and some of it on Jon’s hat, which was also on the table.

Now the donkeys are getting their share of it.

You can see the yellow pollen on Jon’s hat

4 thoughts on “Sunflower Snack For Fanny and Lulu

  1. Dear Maria, Your clothing choices are WALKING ART!! I love the black velvet “robe” you put over a light lavender pull over, almost coral “skinny” jeans, AND EARRINGS TO MATCH!! Given your shopping habits, you bought everything in a thrift or consignment shop, BUT YOU SURE LOOK LIKE A REMBRANDT!! It is a beautiful thing to dress and look like who you are on the INSIDE, so the outside matches the real you.
    P.S. How great that the donkeys will eat the fading sunflowers!!

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