A Day Off

Flo looking at her shadow

Well, it appears I took the day off.   I never got into my studio and I didn’t get to do much blogging.  So I’m going to keep it that way and take the evening off too.

I did get to fill all the orders (thank you!) for my new set of postcards, magnets, posters and  Flying Vulva decals.  I’ll put them in the mail tomorrow.

And I’ll be back in my studio and blogging tomorrow too.

4 thoughts on “A Day Off

  1. That is a spectacular photo. The little white flecks of wicker in the shadow cat make it appear that the ‘negative’ of Flo is gazing just as intently back at her! Very Peter Pan-like!

  2. Nice photo! Flo really does look like she’s staring at that other black cat. It’s funny how we can live with animals and love them yet never really know what they’re thinking.

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