More Mushrooms

These first two I saw walking in the woods with Jon this afternoon.  I love how elegant this one is, the opposite of the mushroom below which looks so inviting.

I found these in the woods yesterday, so feathery and soft.

I found this mushroom a week or so ago.  I love how it makes such a cozy space as it popped out of the leaves, like a little cave with an umbrella roof.

10 thoughts on “More Mushrooms

  1. The third photo is of Indian Pipes. They look like mushrooms but are actually a flowering plant that has no chlorophyll. I’ve seen them only a few times in our woods, so it’s always a treat when these delicate beauties pop up. Lucky you!

  2. All of these mushrooms are amazing! They really love to pose for your wonderful photos, Maria!
    I didn’t realize there are so many varieties.

  3. I have always loved mushrooms. Not the taste, but the look of them. I have always imagined them homes for fairies. How magical they are!

  4. Hi Maria! I was really excited to see the 3rd photo – Indian Ghost Pipe I think. It is used in tinctures for pain relief. Very lucky to see it. It appears and then is gone. Kind of rare these days I think. It is really lovely.

    1. Ah Pat, that sounds familiar now that you say it. I have seen it before. I didn’t know they don’t last long. But then it seems most mushrooms don’t

  5. I cannot believe the variety of mushrooms you’ve been seeing in the woods. It makes me want to learn more about them and why they’ve developed in so many ways!

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