Bedlam Farm Wool For Sale

A ball of roving and yarn.  My wool for sale here. 

I just put all my wool up for sale in my Etsy Shop. You can see the individual skeins and roving and buy them here.

Each skein is 200 yards of 3 ply worsted.  They’re $27 each + shipping.   ($5 shipping for one skein and a dollar more for each one after that).  I also have Asher’s roving which is $28 + shipping for an 8oz bag.

I’ve already sold about 25 skeins of yarn to the people on my Wool List.  (If you’d like to be on my Wool List, just email me at [email protected]) but I have plenty more in my Etsy Shop. 

I combined the wool of some of the sheep to make the yarn.

The white wool, coral, and light teal is all from Liam, Rosemary, and Kim.  That’s a mix of Border Leicester, Cheviot, Romney, and Karakul.

The blue, burnt orange and red wool are a mix of all the gray sheep.   They come from Suzy, Socks, Pumpkin, and Biddy.  That’s a mix of Border Leicester, Romney, and a little bit of Cheviot (from Pumpkins dad).

Then I have black wool from Issachar and brown roving from Asher.  This is the first time I’m selling the wool form the twins.  It’s very soft and has a lot of loft which makes them great for spinning and knitting or crocheting.

I put portraits up in my Etsy Shop of all the sheep so you can see who the wool comes from.  But you can also see them here. I took these photos just before the sheep were shorn in the spring to make this falls wool.

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