Three Bags Full

When I got my wool on Sunday I wondered if there might be more interest in it because of the pandemic.  I know that there are many of us who need to keep our hands busy, especially during stressful times.

I remember hearing that knitting came back into fashion after 9/11.  That made so much sense to me, even if I couldn’t explain exactly why.

This time, my wool sold incredibly quickly.  I have only one skein of Burnt Orange and 2 bags of Asher’s roving left.

I put some of it in the mail this morning and I packaged up most of the rest of it today.  It took up three bags as you can see in the photo.

Some of it went to people who have been buying my wool for years but there were also a lot of new names that I sent wool out to.  I don’t know if the times we’re living in have anything to do with how quickly the wool sold, but I do want to thank everyone who bought it.

Soon I’ll be having the sheep shorn again and in the spring I’ll have more wool to sell.

I already have an idea for what I’ll be doing with the wool.  The colors I’ll be dying it and the wool I’ll be keeping natural.  And by then I’ll have two new sheep, which even means more wool to go around.

2 thoughts on “Three Bags Full

  1. It feels good to be knitting again. The wool I got before will be made into shawl, I have a new pattern. It is good to have a project to work on during this time. At first when I got yarn I was not sure what I would knit and then the inspiration came to me.

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