Water Again

I heard the water before I saw it.  And what a surprise and delight it was to see it flowing over the black rocks again.  I know that nature has her seasons and dry ponds and streams are a part of that, but It was a relief to see the water again.

I suppose a part of me always wonders if it will come back, like waiting for the spring after a long winter.

I grew up in a suburb ironically called Valley Stream, in the early 70’s.  The neighborhood, including the park, was laced with dry streambeds.  No one ever expected them to come back and they didn’t.

Now I live in a place where the grasses and wildflowers grow taller than me in just a few months then die back and get flatten under the snow only to grow back again the next year.    I have found these cycles of nature, even with Climate Change, are more dependent than not.

But I haven’t learned to take it for granted.

I can still see those dry stream beds in my mind and remember hearing that the water wasn’t coming back when I was a kid. I always tried to imagine what it would have been like to live in a place where clean water ran in the streams.

Now I know.

5 thoughts on “Water Again

  1. I love water so much. My bees would be in heaven with all those wildflowers! You and Jon should get some bees – we love ours!

  2. so many many times I have said Valley Stream and never thought of the stream it was named after. Used to dispatch trucks all over Long Island.

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