Good To Be Back

Jon at MASS MoCA (I didn’t get the name of the artist who made this piece unfortunately and couldn’t find it on the website).

It was a little less crowded at  MASS MoCA than usual, but otherwise, it didn’t feel very different.

Whenever I go to a museum I’m always hoping to see something that moves me, art that makes me feel something.  The art we saw today was mostly cerebral. Without reading the text on the wall about it, most of what I saw wouldn’t have held my attention long.

I prefer to be able to look at art and find it visually or emotionally intriguing then read about it if I want to know more.  I get annoyed when I  have to choose between art that doesn’t catch my attention and a wall of text written about it.

But that’s just a quirk of mine.  Many times when I do read more about it, I find there is something in the art for me after all.

That happened a few times today. Mostly I was content just to look and be back in a museum.

4 thoughts on “Good To Be Back

  1. Me too. I don’t like reading standing up (I feel motion sick) so I get annoyed when an exhibit requires a lot of reading in order to access the art. I much prefer to become intrigued by what I see and then feel it’s worth the discomfort to read and learn more about it.

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