A Single Skein

I have two bags of Asher’s roving and a single skein of Bedlam Farm Wool left in my Etsy Shop.  The rest sold quickly in just two days.

But I try to keep a good stock of work in my Etsy Shop.  I have magnets and postcards,  posters and potholders, pins and poetry, buttons and decals.

Next week I’ll be selling my Inner Eye Potholders and I’m hoping to get my I’m Not A Ghost magnets.

Just click here to visit my Etsy Shop.

Asher’s Roving. A mix of Cormo, Romney and Blueface Leicester.  8 oz for $28 + shipping.

2 thoughts on “A Single Skein

  1. Maria-
    I just wanted to let you know that Mary’s book of poems arrived yesterday (Friday). I also wanted to let you know that we used the compostable shipping bag that the book came in to place the 4 ears of sweet corn that my husband had picked up at a neighbors farm stand for our supper last night. After we’d eaten the corn, of course. We compost all our food scraps so the bag is now doing double duty.

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