Our Bamboo Shrimp Eating

Our new Bamboo shrimp are some of the bigger animals in our fish tank.  They’re well camouflaged as they hang upside down under the leaves of the plants in the tank.  But when they come out to eat they’re fascinating to watch.

They don’t scrape algae off the rocks and walls of the tanks like the snails, and other shrimp do.  They just hold out their conical shaped hands and pull the algae out of the water.

You can see this shrimp holding out his hands then, one by one,  bringing them to his mouth.

2 thoughts on “Our Bamboo Shrimp Eating

  1. This is so fascinating! I had a fish tank growing up, maybe I can again some time. For now I am enjoying my Betta Ori, short for Orion.

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