Zinnia At The Twin Healing Trees

Yesterday I went for a long walk in the woods with Fate and Zinnia.  I wasn’t planning on visiting the Twin Healing Trees, but I found myself there.

I sat for a while between them, soaking up their grounded energy.  I forgot how big they were, I stretched my arms around one of them and would have needed another of me to touch my hands.

When I crouched down in front of them to take a picture in the afternoon light, Zinnia stepped between the trees.

I wonder if the animals feel the same energy that I do.

I’d imagine they’d be even more in tune to it.  I know lots of creatures live in small caves in the roots of the trees.  I would think it a wonderful place to call home.

6 thoughts on “Zinnia At The Twin Healing Trees

  1. Maria I am continually amazed at the photographs you create. As I said before, the clarity, composition and vibrant colors are a gift to all who see them. This one is a joy. It is beautiful and uplifting. And seeing Zinnia in the middle of those trees is wonderful.
    You are truly a great photographer.
    Thank you.

  2. This photo looks like it could be the poster for a movie!

    I like your idea about the energy sharing between critters who burrow into and under trees and the trees.
    If you haven’t already read it, I bet you would enjoy the book The Hidden Life of Trees, The author’s last name starts with a W I think.

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