The Hens Eating Potato Chips

Because the hens know when I feed Minnie on the back porch they are always there waiting to get something to eat too.

And I always have something for them. Today it was potato chips.

In the past I’ve crunched the chips up into small pieces.  This time I just threw the whole chip out and watched as the hens broke them up and ate them.

While White hen didn’t seem to know what to do.  Brown Hen was very quick and efficient about breaking up the chips and gobbling down the pieces.


3 thoughts on “The Hens Eating Potato Chips

  1. Poor white hen; she didn’t seem to get as much as the brown hen. Maybe next time she’ll figure it out.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Seems like your white hen is just letting the brown hen do all the work, then eating the results, clever girl! I love watching chickens, (mine or anyone elses) thanks for sharing.

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