Medusa Loses Her “Hair”

Medusa with some bald spots

I named her Medusa because of the moss (though not as long as writhing snakes) growing all over her shell.  She was like a moving moss ball.

But then, a few days after my Trapdoor Snail came to live with us I noticed that she was losing her “hair”.  I also saw the snails,shrimp and fish having breakfast, lunch and dinner on her back.

Now Medusa only has some small tufts of moss growing her shell.  It didn’t take long for the other animals in the tank to give her a good hair cut.

I have since learned that the moss was able to grow on Medusa’s shell because she was in a tank with only trapdoor snails the same size as she was.  It grew only because there was no one to eat it off of her.

My nerite snail Emily eating the last of the moss off of Medusa’s shell.


2 thoughts on “Medusa Loses Her “Hair”

  1. I like how you can see the tiny dots on her actual body in the first picture. Do you know if the dots are textured/bumps? Or are snail bodies smooth?

    1. I love the dots on her body too Trish. I’m not sure if they’re coloring or texture. Although I’ve always thought of them as texture. They make her seem more substantive.

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