6 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 9/21/20

  1. I just read “Second Chance Dog” and loved the book. It was my first Jon Katz book and I loved how Katz brings love to life – through Maria and Frieda. So inspiring. I’ve been married 47 years and it’s very difficult just being civil to each other, but we don’t have hobbies. THE SECOND CHANCE DOG gave me the opportunity to look at love differently and believe having read this book will help my marriage.
    I live in Memphis , Tennessee, and especially enjoyed Jon’s description of the winters since we hardly get snow or really cold weather. There’s something cozy about a snowstorm and a fire. Thinking about that gave me an image that helped me sleep better. Thank you for your book and I definitely plan to read more.
    Jane Sluppick

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