Liz’s Quilt

In the spring Jon and I went to visit out shearer Liz Willis on her farm in Vermont. I got to see the sheep she was looking to find a new home for and chose two ewes.  She’ll bring them with her when she comes to shear the sheep in October.

In exchange, I’m making a quilt for Liz.

That same day, she handed me the bag of fabric, some already cut into squares.  That was a far as she got on the quilt she planned to make some years ago.

I emptied the bag of fabric out on my work table this morning.  I’m not used to working with such measured pieces of fabric so I took out my Gees Bend book for inspiration.

Then I put some of the squares together cut others up and started sewing.

I got this far and felt like I needed to add some fabric with a different tone.  So I used the back of one of the prints instead of the front.

This is as far as I got today.  I hope to finish designing it tomorrow.



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