Being With Jon

Jon at MASS MoCA

Tomorrow is Jon’s, second heart catheterization. I am what I believe to be appropriately nervous and optimistic without being pollyannish.

I was relieved to find out this morning that I can go with Jon into the hospital when he’s admitted and stay with him till just before the surgery.  Then I’ll be able to see him after the surgery without having to wait for visiting hours which are later in the day.

This catheterization is more complicated than the last and this time we know Jon will be staying overnight at Albany Med which is over an hour away from the farm.

Jon’s a good healer.  Not patient, but his body bounces back.  I think it’s partly genetic, but also his love of life and his drive and determination to put his work out into the world.

Today Jon wrote once again on his blog about the refugee families of the kids at  Bishop Maginn who are in need of food.  He wrote:

“…rather than flowers or cards or good wishes, what would make me the happiest and comfort me the most would be Price Chopper and Wal-Mart gift cards so we could be prepared to distribute them to these families as the need arises.

He does this out of goodness, but also because it makes him feel good. And that’s why I’ve included it here too.

It makes me feel good to think that while I’m waiting to hear from the surgeon that Jon’s surgery was successful, I’ll know that, just blocks from the hospital where Jon and I are, people who are in need of food will be able to feed their families.





6 thoughts on “Being With Jon

  1. Here is something similar that I wrote on Jon’s blog:
    You and he have got a ton of readers, the Army of Good, your neighbors, the cafe workers, the school kids and staff, the immigrants receiving food assistance, the Mansion residents and staff, the donkeys and sheep, Zinnia, Bud and Faith,the chickens, the kitties and he has the Awesome Maria all pulling for a great procedure and recovery.
    It just doesn’t get much better than that!
    We’re all sending best wishes and prayers your way.

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