Corona Kimono 9/23/20

What just months ago would have seemed like a scene from a bad Sci-Fi movie, is now normal.

On Saturday I went with Jon to get a COVID 19 test before his surgery.

We drove into a parking lot behind Saratoga Hospital and waited in the car under a canopy for a nurse covered from head to toe wearing a blue gown, mask, face shield, and rubber gloves.   She came out and stuck a swab in Jon’s mouth then retreated to the storage contain/makeshift lab with the specimen.  We never got out of the car.

Jon had done this already before his first surgery a few weeks ago, so he knew what to expect and luckily wasn’t worried about a  positive test result.

It was the strangest drive-thru I’ve ever been to.

You can see my latest entry on my Corona Kimono on the right sleeve.

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