Jon’s Happy Heart

I just got home from the hospital.  Jon’s catheterization went very well.  The surgeon was able to open the artery and put a stent in it.

As much as I loved Jon’s old heart, because it works so much better,  I love his new one even more.

The surgery took about two hours and during that time I sat in the waiting room and made the drawing above.  I started it by copying a drawing of a cross-section of a heart that was hanging on the waiting room wall.  I was trying to put as much positive energy into my happy heart drawing as possible.

Jon just called and said he was going to try to sleep.  I’m going to do the same.


29 thoughts on “Jon’s Happy Heart

  1. Im almost ready for bed here, Maria (3 hours time difference) and have been waiting on pins and needles all day hoping for an update on Jon. Thank you! I trust your day has been a very emotional one…..both challenging and exhilarating…………… I was *with* you both all day and now I will go to bed comforted in knowing all is well. Thank you for sharing the news
    Much love
    Susan M

  2. O Maria,
    Thank you for sharing your drawing. I love how you made your happy heart drawing exactly when Jon’s heart was getting stronger and happier. All connected. All one.

    In peace and hope.


  3. Thank you for the update. I’m so glad Jons surgery went well and now you both can rest! Blessings to you and Jon and here’s to Jons strong happy heart.

  4. Thank you for the good news, Maria! and thank you for taking the time to share it with us! Sending good thoughts of comfort and peace your way–and to Jon, also.

  5. Such wonderful news Maria!
    I have been thinking of Jon’s surgery all week, little prayers every day.
    And your Happy Heart drawing is a testament to the power of beauty, made by loving hands, a powerhouse prayer for Jon!
    With love,

  6. What great news, Maria! Thank you for taking time to post this update, in spite of how late it is and how tired you must be. Sleep well.

  7. Thank you, Maria, for posting this. I have been hoping to hear. A lot of good wishes out here for Jon. Bless you and sleep well. With love, Wendy

  8. Fabulous news, Maria and Jon. My Papa, at 94years, has had two stents placed and just keeps going. This will be a definite plus for Jon, and for you! Love an Light, Marilyn in California

  9. Really glad to hear the procedure went well! Blessings to you both! (That is a lovely heart design, definitely captures the moment.)

  10. Thanks so much for taking the time to update. I know the energy this takes when everything is coming at you.
    We were very concerned – think about you guys a lot.

  11. Hi Maria- so glad that everything went well!
    Now you and Jon will be able to fully enjoy the fall season – with renewed vim and
    vigor of “heart” – mind and soul … best to the both of you and your beloved Bedlam Farm.
    take care, Sue V

  12. Maria, your blog spreads wide and far. Before going to sleep last night, after thinking of Jon all day, I received an email from SusanM. from California worried that you had not posted. And then this morning, a sigh of relief, she’d found your posting and could go to bed in peace. Well, as much as her Australian Shepherd allows. He’s a vigilant wild animal processor.
    Sandy Proudfoot in Canada..

  13. I love your drawing! And I loved reading what your inspiration was.

    I am so pleased to hear that Jon’s surgery went well. It was your drawing’s message made real.

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