Repairing The Barn Window

Through the barn window

After enough cold days and night to make me believe that winter was coming early, yesterday and today have quickly changed my mind.  Warm and windy, the trees are turning color early but doing it beautifully.

Yesterday afternoon I walked into the barn to get the plastic pots that I’d store the dahlias in after digging them up.  That’s when I saw that the barn window was in worse condition than the day before.  I thought I could fix it, but if I let it go any longer, it might be beyond repair.

So instead of digging dahlia’s, I went into the house and got the tools  I’d need to remove and repair the window sashes, point and glaze the window panes, paint windows and frame and put it back together.

The windows in the barn are fixed, we don’t ever open them, so I just needed to repair it enough to keep the weather out.

It took me a couple of hours to do the work knowing the next day I’d have to finish painting the grazing and get a one by four to replace one piece of molding on the outside of the barn.

This morning  I wondered if I’d get to the dahlias at all.

As often happens with old buildings, the more I did the more I saw that needed to be done.  The other window on the barn could use some work too as well as some painting and on and on…..

I did stop after fixing the one window. The work I did is by no means perfect.  The window sill really should be replaced, but I don’t know how to do that.  And even if I could figure it out, I don’t have the right tools.

But still, I was happy with my work.  The window now functions for our needs, keeping the rain out, letting the light in and the inside of the barn dry.

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