Making My Shield Of Words

It took me a while to wake up today.  After sending out my potholders that sold over the weekend, I came to my studio thinking about the moth and shield in the fabric painting I’m working on.

I decided to focus on the shield because the idea of writing the words on the shield appealed to me.

I didn’t realize that I wouldn’t get to even begin writing the words.  The afternoon would be filled with me figuring out what to make the shield from and what I would do to it.

So I began as I often do when I’m looking for an idea.  I walked around my studio looking at the fabric in my shelves waiting to see what felt right.  It came down to two old quilts and the one with the pinwheel design won out.

I began to experiment writing with marker on the quilt then trying to get an idea of what the design would look like, depending on how I wrote on the white surfaces of fabric.

Once I knew I wanted to fill in all the white with my writing, I saw that the black marker didn’t differentiate enough from the rest of the fabric painting and the backing.  I experimented with colors and came up with a mustard yellow that worked perfectly.

Painting the shield yellow is as far as I’ll get on it tonight.  It’s hanging on the line drying now.

Tomorrow I’ll start writing the words with a fine permanent marker.  I thought of stitching the words, but can’t make them as small as I would want. I also like the idea of writing on the quilt with marker.  To me it feels like a journal entry, graffiti, and an incantation.  A declaration both private and public at the same time.

The painted shield drying on the clothesline.



3 thoughts on “Making My Shield Of Words

  1. So wonderful. Is she holding a shield or a blanket? The designs asks that question. Protection and comfort. Both are needed.

  2. Love the mustard color you chose, very fall like, matches the tree in background of washing line pic very well. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!

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