Shield Of Words and Pinwheels

My Words, My Truth, My Thinking, Seeing with my own eyes, My Song,  My Beliefs, My knowing, My Decisions, My Choices, My Mistakes, My Dance, My Responsibility.  

Those were the words I wrote over and over again on my Shield of Words. Not in that order, but those words.  Writing them, again and again, made me feel like I was taking ownership of them.  And that doing that gave me a feeling of security and well being.

Protection and comfort as Donna Marie commented on my blog.

After filling in my Shield of Words with these words, I hemmed the edge with yellow thread.   Then I sewed it onto the background using red embroidery thread and making small knots to attach it.

I always have a very specific feeling about how the parts of a piece are to be attached.  Some machine stitched, some hand-sewn and now some adhered with Matte medium.  Sometimes I can clearly see in my mind what it will look like or feel like.  Sometimes I need to try different techniques to actually see what works.

The little red dots holding down the shield, and the edge of the shield popping up from the ground was something I could clearly “see” without having to literally see it.

When I finished sewing the shield down, I sewed on the red, rock beads in the center of the pinwheels.  This helped attach the shield as well as working aesthetically.

I read that the pinwheel quilt design was created by women during the War of 1812 when the men were at war.

I didn’t know that when I chose the pinwheels for the shield.  I liked the sense of movement they created, but knowing about the warrior connection I like that too.

4 thoughts on “Shield Of Words and Pinwheels

  1. This piece elevated me into the Heavens above. Your Shield, your words are Power. And they uplift me in these troubled times, Maria❤️
    Thank you.

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