“Scraps From My Grandma”

The box was big and full of fabric.  When Crik asked me if I wanted some of the fabric she had I didn’t expect so much and varied good stuff.

One of the things in the box was a black plastic bag with a note pinned on it.  “Scraps From My Grandma”.  They looked like they were from the 1970s.

Of course, my first thought was Potholders.

But the big bag of scarps was a little daunting.  So many little pieces of fabric.  So last night, as Jon watched and I listened to the Presidential Debate (I could never had sat through it without having something for my hands to do), I sorted the fabric by color.

This morning I’m washing them in small batches, some in the machine, some by hand.  I won’t put them in the dryer, I’ll take them to my studio and iron them dry.

I’ll keep them separated in their piles and go through them one at a time, piecing together potholders.


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