Waiting Out The Rain

We had the small shed made for shade for the sheep when we first moved to the farm.

But Fanny and Lulu are more likely to use it than they are.  This morning they waited out the rain in the shed.  The sheep’s wool keeps them dry enough.


10 thoughts on “Waiting Out The Rain

  1. Maria, one of my wishes is to take a walk with you on The Farm to show me these very special places that the creatures frequent and have meaning. I love this photo and think there must be a heartfull of these in you. I would take in hand all the children in my entourage and say see! see! In the donkeys heart is gratitude for even this shelter, a respite, a place of rest between the raindrops. And there are many places like this on The Farm. . . . love, Veronica

    1. Oh Veronica, I wish we could take that walk together too. You’re such a generous spirit and teacher wanting to share with all your children.

  2. I love this picture of Fanny and Lulu in the shed and the rain – for some reason I have grown fond of these two little donkeys – I often wish I could give them a treat and pet their heads!!!

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