Bud and Zinnia, Buddies

Zinnia and Bud are buddies.  They’re often outside together during the day, and when I have my studio door open they come and go, while Fate mostly stays inside with me.

This afternoon the two of them sat looking out my door together.  I don’t know what they were watching, but you can see how comfortable they are together.  Bud is even sitting on Zinnia’s foot.

4 thoughts on “Bud and Zinnia, Buddies

  1. These two precious beings are of different breeds, different colors and appearance and different sexes … yet they are best friends that get along great. There is a lot humans can learn from dogs!

  2. Looking at Bud and Zinnia one can see what this friendship means to them. They are so comfortable with each other.
    I bet they feel safe and secure. How great is that!!!!!

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