Corona Kimono 10/2/20

There was no question about what I’d be doing in my studio this morning.

It was like finding the lost pieces of a puzzle.  The words fit perfectly around the thread drawing I had done of Trump playing golf standing on the number of people who had died of the Coronavirus through September 17th.

Then around the image and words, I did a thread drawing of a cross-section of the coronavirus.


7 thoughts on “Corona Kimono 10/2/20

  1. I wonder if Trump will take COVID-19 more seriously now?

    We had the highest number of cases in the province today since they began counting seven months ago! Our premier does NOT want to shut down the bars, gyms, movies, clubs, etc. again because of the economy! I believe if he doesn’t, there will be no one (or a lot fewer) left to grace these establishments because of the close quarters they encourage! I say, STAY HOME or MASK UP and SOCIAL DISTANCE if you have go out only for necessities, and WASH YOUR HANDS regularly!

    It’s not rocket science.

  2. This needs to go into a museum, Maria. It’s beautiful with meaning, compassion, and thread work. Wow.

  3. And that’s not even to mention the visual composition combined with the juxtaposition of ideas. Amazing.

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