Our Latest Podcast: “Maria Think”

Our latest Podcast is called “Maria Think.

It was Jon’s idea to call it that and talk about the way we see some things very differently. Like the way I sleep in Jon’s nightshirts, steal his clothes for my quilts, and race him to the shower in the morning.

You can listen to it here or on Apple Podcasts and Itunes.

And you can listen to any of our Katz and Wulf on Bedlam Farm Podcasts anytime by clicking on the Podcast button on my blog.




4 thoughts on “Our Latest Podcast: “Maria Think”

  1. I love this podcast, you both made me laugh. I ✂ my husband t-shirts and flannels for cleaning cloths and denim jeans in quilting. The little quirks we have in marriage. Keeps life interesting right?

  2. I sometimes wear my husbands shirts that he no longer wears to; like you said they get that soft wear in feeling. I have gone to our local thrift store and gotten two blue men’s shirts like Jon wears and I love those to. From one of your loyal peeps:) Marsha

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