Flying Vulva Magnets For Sale

My Flying Vulva Magnet is 3″x3″ and is $6 plus one dollar shipping for one or more.  You can buy them here. 

It was the 2016 Election and Women’s March back in 2017 that inspired me to create my  Flying Vulva.  And now almost four years later with the upcoming Women’s March on October 17th and the election she’s back.

This is my symbol for woman’s power, strength, and freedom.  In my blog post about the meaning of my Flying Vulva from 2018 I wrote:

For me, it’s a symbol of this new wave of feminism I see happening around me.  Where women have a voice not as a woman trying to fit into a  man’s world, but as a woman bringing what it means to be a woman into that world.  Changing that system to adjust to her point of view too.

Women’s rights are always on the line, moving ahead only to be set back again.   It’s a constant struggle that requires awareness, action, and hope.  And although I don’t expect true equality to occur in my lifetime, that doesn’t deter me.

It only makes me want to keep the momentum going, to keep up the good fight.

There are Women’s Marches and demonstrations happening all over the country.  I’m planning on joining the one in Albany.  If you’re interested in finding one near you, click here for a link to the site where they’re happening.

You can buy my Flying Vulva magnets in my Etsy Shop.  They’re $6 each and $1 shipping for one or more.


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