Grandma’s Scraps Potholders

I finished up the green potholders I made from the bag of “Grandma’s Scraps“.  I sold a couple already and tomorrow I’ll put ten of them in my Etsy Shop for sale.  I’ll put eight aside to keep for the holidays.

But if you saw a potholder that you’d like from my original post, just let me know.  I’ll be happy to sell it early.

Next, I’ll be making potholders using the brown scraps that are laid out on my worktable.

4 thoughts on “Grandma’s Scraps Potholders

  1. How pretty, Maria!
    I always thought I was not much of a “green” person, but you have such an artistic way of putting colors together so they just click and speak to me! 🙂

  2. Your pot holders are lovely, I was fortunate enough to purchase one of your potholders a few years ago I still have it hanging on my wall in the kitchen as a little art wall hanging.

    1. I do love thinking of my potholders in peoples kitchens all over the country Deborah. And the idea that even after years they are still be used and appreciated. Thanks for letting me know.

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