Back Pasture Visitor

The back pasture is wild compared to the other two where we graze the donkeys and sheep.  This time of year it’s loaded with thorny bushes,  beggarticks, and other plants and seeds that embed themselves in the sheep’s wool.

Liz will be here in just a few weeks to shear the sheep and I’m trying to keep their wool as clean as possible so it will be easy for me to skirt.

When the back pasture is closed off, other animals spend more time there.  I’ve seen the Blue heron and ducks, but without the donkeys patroling, deer also visit it more regularly.

I’ve seen one deer in the pasture a few mornings now. Today I pointed my iPhone at it and zoomed in,  just to get a better look at her.

I was surprised at what I saw.  The grainy yet soft image on my screen looked like a painting.  So I took this photo.

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