Brown Scraps From Grandma Potholders

Sweet Bud got into the picture tonight as I snapped this photo of the potholders I designed today from the browns Scraps from Grandma.

Two of these potholders have sunflowers in them and one has a teapot.  The rest are simply pattern on pattern.

As I was working with the scraps today I notice the little triangle cuts made in some of them that are indicators they were used with a pattern.

The green fabric on the potholder in the middle of the bottom row had a few and I could just imagine the great 1970s dress that Crik’s grandmother made from it.

I  even imagined the person wearing it.  The long sleeves and short skirt, maybe a high neckline, and definitely fitted.   I imagined her in white vinal GoGo boots, with long brown hair, partially piled on top of her head.

The fabric surrounding the sunflowers and teapot on the potholders in the middle row are definitely scraps from pajamas.

I never thought of it before, but it makes me wonder where these well-known pajama patterns originated and why.

My work table at the end of the night.

When I left my studio tonight I only had a few brown scraps left.  I’ll see if I can use them to make a potholder or two tomorrow. If not, I’ll hold onto them use them to make a potholder with the leftovers scraps from the other colors.

They’ll be the Scraps of the Scraps Potholders.

2 thoughts on “Brown Scraps From Grandma Potholders

  1. In your rows of brown potholders Maria if they are not spoken for I would like to purchase them.
    Row 1 = Number 2 potholder
    Row 2 = Number 1 & 2 potholder.
    Thank you.

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