Bud Saves A Bird

Bud listening to the woodstove

A thunderstorm knocked down lines and caused a power outage in Bennington Vermont which kept me home from Bellydancing class tonight.

So I cleaned up my studio instead of dancing and when I came into the house there was Bud sitting in front of the woodstove like he was watching TV.

The last time he did this I didn’t pay enough attention to him and only found the bluebird in the stove after it had died.

This time I took notice and when I opened the door there was the bird, covered in ash, sitting quietly in the corner of the stove.  I was surprised it didn’t move as I reached in, gently wrapped my hand around it, and pulled it out.

But when I took it outside and opened my hand, it flew away with a moment’s hesitation.

Back in the house, I scratched Bud’s head (which he loves) thanked him, and told him what a good boy he was.

Now he’s asleep on the couch, no longer interested in the woodstove.

But I think I’ll take a look in the stove before I go to bed anyway, just to make sure there are no more birds stuck in it.

13 thoughts on “Bud Saves A Bird

    1. That bluebird was had to forget Carolyn. 🙁 I’m not sure what kind of bird this was. A little gray one, I think, or maybe that was the ash? Many of those small sparrow-like birds look alike to me. It was glad to be gone though.

  1. I opted to read your blog over breakfast rather than the newspaper, and I’m so glad I did. This story is such a better way to start the day.

  2. Found a rather large bird In our wood stove- but we were much to late 🙁 I do check it now too! Good for Bud, think we need a dog . . .

  3. Maria, isn’t there a mesh grill on top to prevent this? Well, that BUD certainly deserves an extra treat or ten !! The terrier in him.

    1. No Eileen. But we’re planning on getting one installed. We just have to find someone to do it. (which isn’t always easy) The ladder we have isn’t tall enough and I don’t like to mess with the woodstoves.

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