Minnie and Zinnia

Minnie and Zinnia are really perfect for each other. They’re both sweet animals that will love anyone that will let them.

Flo would have swatted Zinnia for trying to nuzzle her, but Minnie just gave it right back to her.

I spied the two of them this morning on the other side of Ed Gulley’s windchime.

6 thoughts on “Minnie and Zinnia

  1. A teaching moment Maria. Not only of the trust shown but of the gentleness bred into the two creatures. Also the evident life of the ongoing with the still working chimes of Ed Gulley. So much in such a brief glance. Thank you. Veronica

  2. Maria, I saw this photo on Jon’s blog, not realizing you had taken it. I think it is by far the sweetest, most beautiful photo I’ve seen on the blog in all the 11 years I’ve been following! Precious! 🙂

  3. What a great line “will love anyone who will let them.” I suspect there are whole sermons and essays in that phrase.

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