Shearing And Two New Sheep

Our shearer Liz emailed me today.   She’s coming to shear the sheep on Friday October 23rd.  That gives me enough time to bring the wool to the mill before the end of the month.  I’m on a six month schedule with The Vermont Fiber Mill so there are certain times I have to drop my wool off to them to have it processed.

Liz wrote that she loved the quilt I made from her fabric (which of course is lovely to hear).  She also asked if I would be willing to take two sheep other than the ones I chose when we visited her farm in the spring.

She said the two I chose were older and their wool was on the decline.  She has another home for them and offered me a mother and her year-old lamb, both Romney.  They could easily slip into my flock, both    Izzy and Griselle were Romney, and I do like the mix of Border Leicster and Cheviot wool with the Romneys.

Liz said she’d send me a photo, so I’ll post that when I get it. Next week I’ll finish Liz’s quilt, I can’t wait to see the new sheep.

3 thoughts on “Shearing And Two New Sheep

  1. That will be fun having a young mom and her yearling join your flock I find it quite special and unique to have related animals as you know by having the The twins and pumpkin I think it is

  2. That is exciting. Then you will have twelve sheep. Fate will love it.
    Are the new sheep the same as Kim? I love looking at Kim; she has such a sweet face.

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