Autumn Leaves And Rose Campion. Shawl and Scarves For Sale

Autumn Leaves Shawl is  57″ x 16″ and is $150 + $8 shipping.  You can buy it here. 

“I love all the color/descriptive names you gave my shawls and scarves” Suzy texted me last night after I let her know that three of her shawls and one of her scraves had been sold.

I was glad to hear that.

Suzy’s work always evokes a feeling or an idea to me through their color and design.  And they always speak to me of the natural world.

Even the intense pinks she uses remind me of the flowers, though small, that grace the tall sage colored stems of Rose Campion.

Suzy’s Autumn Leaves Shawl  is still available.

Made of mohair and washed in a natural solution it’s especially soft.  The colors speak of the fall and are bright enough to lift spirits in the dark of winter.   Handspun and knit, It’s $150 + $8 shipping.

Rose Campion Scarf

Suzy’s Rose Campion Scarf is also available it’s 67″ x 11″ and is $125 + $8 shipping.

You can buy them in my Etsy Shop, just click here or you can email me at [email protected]

5 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves And Rose Campion. Shawl and Scarves For Sale

  1. Interestingly – as I was driving back from the Post office this afternoon – I thought how unusual that I am comfortable with having my shawls named by someone else. Normally I would not relinquish that opportunity but in this case it feels organic, natural and I thoroughly enjoy finding out their names as they appear on your blog. You are intuitive and insightful. I absolutely love how my shawls depict the natural world to you, it is true – that is their foundation. It is a year long rhythm, caring for my goats processing their fiber, spinning it into yarn and knitting it into shawls – culminated here, with your encouragement. I am so thankful for the opportunity and your support❤️

    1. And it’s so good to hear your point of view on it Suzy. Sometimes we’re too close to our own work to see it clearly. That’s what people often do for me when they comment on my work. And traditionally it’s the work of critics.

  2. I always enjoy seeing the pictures, and reading your descriptions of Suzy’s work. The shawls and scarves look so cozy and warm, a great collaboration, of both the fiber from her animals and yours, and the two of you working together. Makes me want to go and dust off my spinning wheel that’s tucked away in the spare room!

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