Come Together

Rosemary has been behaving a little unusual lately.  Often she is off by herself while the other sheep graze together.

But more and more I’ll see her and Kim and either Biddy or Socks together.  This morning the fog was like a soft wet blanket laid over the farm.  Rosemary was alone but when  I came out with Fate and Zinnia Kim and Socks joined her creating a small flock of their own.

The sheep really do look our for each other. Mostly I see it in the ewes, the way they come together as they did this morning.

2 thoughts on “Come Together

  1. Maria, maybe it’s a “girl” thing, the way they look out for each other. I don’t know, but it sure tugs at my heart. I think of the women in my life, who have become my “flock,” and how they look after me, and have taught me to look after them. I love to read when you write about your flock of women, and how they’ve changed your life. We aren’t meant to be solitary, I don’t think, although we sure do need time alone. Love this photo and post.

    1. Yea, Karla, I was thinking that too. I was reminded of how differnt the sheep acted toward each other when we were lambing and they were pregnant. They were more vigilant with each other.

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