A Quilt For Two Ewes

Focus, I told myself this morning when I went into my studio.

Liz is coming to shear the sheep a week from today and I needed to finish her quilt.  Rainy and cold, it was the perfect day to hunker down in my studio and get Liz’s quilt sewn together and tacked.

I had a few interruptions, all good, when I texted Suzy to give her the address of the most recent person to buy one of her shawls, a few calls from Jon who was in Saratoga at Cardiac Rehab, and a long and enjoyable phone conversation with my friend Jackie.  I tacked while talking and as always with Jackie got a good dose of laughter.

And now, as the rain beats a soft rhythm on the fall leaves and the trees are turning to silhouettes out my window, I tied the last piece of yarn on Liz’s quilt.

At this time next Friday, I will have two more sheep and Liz will have a new quilt.

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