Free Flying Vulva Magnets

Get a free Flying Vulva Magnet, Just send me a self-addressed stamped envelope or email me at [email protected].

Since I learned that there was going to be a Women’s March this past Saturday I’d been thinking about how to create the Flying Vulva I planned on carrying in the Demonstration.

Like many people, I was saddened and upset when Ruth Bader Ginsberg died.  And I’m unhappy with the choice of Amy Conney Barrett to replace her.  So I wanted to voice my dissent by showing up at the Women’s March and standing up for Women’s rights.

But on Wednesday,  in my Bellydancing Class, we were asked to wear masks while we danced and to not only take our temperature before class but record it.  With the number of cases of the coronavirus rising all over the country and in Albany where the March was taking place I decided it wasn’t safe for me or Jon, for either of us to go.   Jon agreed.

So, since I couldn’t be there, I’m giving away my Flying Vulva Magnets.

I’ve been selling my Flying Vulva’s, in many different forms since I first came up with the idea a couple of years ago.  I thought the image perfect to represent women’s freedom because depictions of the vulva have been used since ancient times in art to represent the Goddess and her power. And adding wings to the vulva is all about women’s freedom.

So if you’d like one of my Flying Vulva Magnets as a symbol and reminder of the power women have, and the importance of claiming and acting on that power,  just send me a self-addressed stamped envelope to Full Moon Fiber Art ) PO Box 205 Cambridge NY 12816 or email me at [email protected].

I love being able to spread the word through my art in this way.

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