Ghost Catfish Snuggle

Ghost Catfish

I don’t pay as much attention to the fish in our tank as I do the snails and shrimp.  But our Ghost Catfish have taken to sleeping in one of the new plants.

They look so comfortable and snuggly, camouflaged between the leaves, I get dreamy just looking at them.

4 thoughts on “Ghost Catfish Snuggle

  1. What a calming picture, Maria. Don’t you wish you could find a peaceful green spot like that? How nice that you could get the photo.
    A few weeks ago, I saw a moth resting inside a tiny open rose in my yard and thought it was such a pleasant spot to feel the sun and “smell the roses.”

  2. A wonderful reminder for us to take the time to snuggle with loved ones and find the rest both physical and emotional that we all need right now! A beautiful picture

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