Paradise Firestorm Survivors


Frida Kahlo, Marilyn Monroe, Caleb’s (Playboy) and Fragrant Cloud.

Wendy wrote to me after her home was destroyed in the Paradise fires in 2018.  Along with everything else, she lost the quilt I made in the fire and asked me to make her another.

Then, one of my readers bought the quilt for her.  It was a beautiful coming together of people who didn’t know each other but cared.

This morning, Wendy who just recently bought a house after living in a camper and in friend’s homes since the fire, sent me this picture of her “Paradise Firestorm Survivors”.

She dug the roses up from her yard after the fire, kept them in pots under a redwood tree, and a year later transplanted them at her new home.

“Wow, Wendy wrote about her roses, I’m humbled”

Wendy’s roses gave me the bit of hope I needed this morning.  Maybe they can do the same for you.

Thank you Wendy.

6 thoughts on “Paradise Firestorm Survivors

  1. Thank you Maria – Wendy’s amazing story is so important for us to know about – so many people
    are not seen or cared about by the current “Washington” drama scene…
    I appreciate receiving this much needed morsel of hope! Sue V

  2. What a beautiful lesson in strength and grit! Although both the roses and Wendy were laid bare by the fire, here they are a year later strong, tenacious, vibrant and beautiful! Thank you for sharing another wonderful story to give much needed hope during these crazy times!❤️

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