“Shield of Words”, Tea Staining

I tea stained the face and hand of the woman on my Shield of Words yesterday but didn’t get to post it before going to Bellydancing.

And when I get home from Bellydancing I’m always too tired to do much of anything besides eat dinner and fall into bed.

I gave her two coats of tea staining and I’m very happy with how it turned out.  I had to be careful to apply the tea in thin lines to make sure it didn’t bleed outside the stitching.  But I played around with it enough to get it right.

Now that it’s dry I’ll be able to sew the backing on and then it will be done.

4 thoughts on ““Shield of Words”, Tea Staining

  1. What an amazing creation! You are a creative wizard who conjures miracles from fabric. Congratulations on another brilliant piece.

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