Sheep Don’t Forget

Barb and Asher

Liz’s mom, Barb who came with Liz to shear the sheep today, told me how she bottle-fed Asher and Issachar when their mother couldn’t.   “Every afternoon”, she said, “for months”.

And Asher hasn’t forgotten.  He walked right up to Barb and looked adoringly at her as she scratched his head.  It’s been two years since Asher saw Barb, but he still remembers her.

5 thoughts on “Sheep Don’t Forget

  1. I love this. To quote the song, “Memories are made of this.”
    I suspect that animals don’t forget. Those early years are years of imprinting.
    This is a great picture. One can see the connection even two years later. How wonderful is that!
    Asher looks like a lamb without all that fur.

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