Wool, Hoves, Teeth, Eyes


Because of the Pandemic and the shutdown in the spring, Liz was later that usual coming to the farm for shearing.  So it’s been less than five months since she was last here.

We both agreed that Biddy’s and Suzy’s wool was too short and to shear it only once this year.  As the sheep get older, their wool often doesn’t grow as fast.  But she still trimmed their hooves.

A few of the sheep had cracks in their hooves that she trimmed back.  That means they may limp for a few days, but they’ll heal better than if she didn’t trim them as close.

She also checks their eyes and teeth. I could see the difference between the younger sheeps teeth and the other ones, which were worn and had more space between them.

Liz got to the farm after four and none of us really thought about how much earlier it gets dark now.  So by the time she got to Rosemary and Kim we moved into the barn and turned the lights on.  But even the dim lights of the barn weren’t enough and Jon came to the rescue with a flashlight.

Liz will come back in the next couple of weeks with the three new Romneys.

You can see how the sun bleaches the wool on the top of the sheep and how their true color is closer to their skin.  This is Pumpkin half shorn.

6 thoughts on “Wool, Hoves, Teeth, Eyes

    1. No Caorl, they have a nice layer of fat and their wool grows back very quickly. As long as they’re out of the wind and rain/snow, they can even be shorn in the middle of winter.

  1. How exciting! Life goes on at Bedlam Farm even while the pandemic rages on. There is something wonderful to be said about life cycles and the shearing of the sheep.
    Is Kim a Romney? Just curious.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I’m excited for you. New sheep!! You must have herding blood from your Sicilian background. My grandfather was a herder in Spain. It runs in my blood. I can feel it.

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