My Fisheye and Macro Lenses

Red Grandma’s Scraps Potholders that I made yesterday.  Those are the scraps of the scraps flowing out of the garbage pail.

When I got my iPhone 11, the one thing I really missed was my Moment Lens.  I had a fisheye lens and a macro lens, that I used a lot and got used to having.

The iPhone 11 has a fisheye setting, but it doesn’t take the same photos as the lens can.  There were times when I wanted to take a picture and knew I could get it if I only had my fisheye lens, but couldn’t.  It was the same with the macro lens.

I gave up thinking I’d ever get those photos, but I didn’t give up seeing them in my mind and knowing the picture I was missing.

Then, last week I was telling Jon how much I missed the lenses and he looked online and saw that I could use the same lenses with my iPhone 11.  He ordered me a lens, then I went to the Moment website and saw the special cases that would allow me to attach the lenses.

I had looked for a case and lenses when I first got my iPhone 11 but didn’t see them at that time.

I bought the case and Jon got me the maco lens and I found my old fisheye lens in my desk drawer.

So now I have my lenses back.

This morning I used my fisheye lens to take this photo of the red Grandma’s Scraps Potholders I made yesterday and this afternoon I took my lenses into the woods.

It’s so good to have them back.

2 thoughts on “My Fisheye and Macro Lenses

  1. I keep thinking of this woman’s life. How on earth did she get so many scraps of such great designs? No one could possibly sew that many clothes. Maybe she was a semstress?

    1. Well I don’t know Linda. But I do see that some of the scraps look like they come from patterns. It could be that she made her own clothes and saved all the scraps. They are from the 19 60s and 70’s and I believe she made quilts too, so it might have been natural for her to save the scraps. I’d guess she lived through the depression too.

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