Hardy Kale

I planted the kale in the spring.  We’ve been eating it for almost six months and it’s still growing.

What a miracle it seems to be.  It’s survived freezing temperatures and snow.  Tonight we had some on our pizza.

This afternoon as a light rain fell, I shoveled a layer of manure on my vegetable garden and covered it with leaves. I still need to put cardboard over it all which will keep the weeds from growing so in the spring I’ll only have to turn the soil.

I don’t know how much longer the kale will continue to grow.  I guess we’ll just keep eating it till it wilts then feed what’s left to the donkeys and sheep.

I’ll be growing more next year for sure.  It seems too good to be true.

6 thoughts on “Hardy Kale

  1. Your kale looks beautiful! I’m not sure if it is the extreme heat or lack of humidity but once summer roles around our kale gets very bitter. April and May seem to be the best months for kale here. I’m glad you’re still enjoying your hardy kale!

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