All One On Election Day


Jon and I  wanted to have both flags up for Election Day.  The American flag and the flag that we came up with, All One, that I made yesterday.

Whoever becomes our next president, I’m committed, as I became in 2016 that I won’t let divisive politics dictate my life.

That doesn’t mean I don’t stand up for what I believe in and express it in whatever way seems right to me. But it does mean I won’t engage blindly in the rhetoric and conspiracies and allow politics to destroy my personal relationships.

Jon just called me from the road.  “People are lined up out the door of the Town Hall, and there are cars on either side of the road,” he said.  “There’s a sheriff’s car and state trooper too, but no trouble.”

I keep hearing people say that Democracy is dead, but from the number of people voting this election year, I’d say it’s coming back to life. In all the years I’ve been voting our small towns in Upstate New York, there have never been more than four or five people waiting in line.

Our polling station, the town hall that used to be a one-room schoolhouse, is just up the road from our farm.  So that means that lots of people will be driving by and seeing our flags.

This election day and whatever happens after it,  Jon and I are trying to promote the idea that we’re all one in this country and we need to find better ways to live together.



4 thoughts on “All One On Election Day

  1. And when they drive by, they WILL notice. Because while we frequently see Trump and Biden reminders, sadly a message of unity is nearly unique.

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