Moth Pillow

My Moth Pillow came together after my walk in the woods.

I skipped Bellydancing tonight because even though our doctor told us we were not at risk for the virus after having contact with someone who is quarantining and seems to be healthy, I was still nervous about going to class.

So maybe I’ll finish my pillow tonight and put it up for sale tomorrow.

Suzy also has a new shawl for sale, and I’ve been meaning to write about Blue and her paintings that she’s selling in her Etsy Shop.  So maybe tomorrow it will be a day of all kinds of art for sale.  Like a very small virtual pop-up gallery.

I think I’ll put on some Bellydancing music and dance for a while before getting back to my pillow.

2 thoughts on “Moth Pillow

  1. Pillow are a great idea…… I can see this being a new creative avenue for you that will also bring in good revenue….. being an accountant I had to add the revenue part…

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